Betz Direct Logo Process (BDLP)


For purposes of private labelling of our Opticraft ® screwdriver, we recommend the extremely high quality BDLP process, in which the logo is permanently integrated into the handle by injection during the screwdriver’s manufacturing process. Your logo will withstand all everyday adverse conditions, whether oil or daily wear and tear. In this way you will leave behind a lasting, and above all permanent impression in any case.

Opticraft® premium screwdriver

The Betz Opticraft® is a premium screwdriver with excellent Handling and grip ergonomics. It is particularly skin-friendly and can also be supplied in other materials on request. The Opticraft® is extremely wear resistant and guarantees maximum power transmission. The uniquely processed blades of first class alloyed special steels complies of course with the applicable DIN standards. Furthermore, the Opticraft® carries the GS (tested Safety) seal of the VPA Institute Remscheid.

Mission Possible: Your private label screwdriver from countless variants

Choose from a wide variety of colours, handle ergonomics and drives, thereby creating your own totally individual private label screwdriver from a large number of variants and possibilities.

Packing and logistics and customer satisfaction and service – these are paramount considerations for us. For example, we design your desired packing to your specifications, or develop them in cooperation with you. With our constantly optimised order processing and logistic planning we guarantee you the fastest possible delivery at all times.

Just ask us! We look forward to your inquiry.